Business Talent (Subclass 132) visa

Publish Date: Nov 04, 2012

The Business Talent (Subclass 132) visa is for people with a very successful business career. It is broken up into “Significant Business History Stream” and the “Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream”. As with other business and investment visas, you have to be invited to apply for a Business Talent (Subclass 132) visa.

Significant Business History Stream

The criteria for Business Talent (Subclass 132) visa (Significant Business History Stream) is similar to that which applies for the subclass 188 visa; however there are a number of key differences such as:

  • your interest in the business must have been worth more than $400,000 and represent a certain percentage of the issued capital
  • your business must have generated turnover of at least $3,000,000 for at least 2 of the 4 fiscal years immediately before invitation to apply for the visa
  • you have personal or business assets worth $1,500,000.

Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream

TheBusiness Talent (Subclass 132) visa (Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream) is a new type of visa available to people who have entered into a legally enforceable agreement with an Australian company to receive at least $1,000,000 in joint venture capital funding for:

  • the early-phase start-up of a business; or
  • the commercialisation of a product; or
  • the development of a business; or
  • the expansion of a business.

You must also prove that you will either establish / participate in a business in Australia, and that you will maintain a substantial ownership interest in that business.

The types of businesses to which you can provide venture capital are limited by the regulations and your investment must be approved by a State or Territory Government and the Minister for Immigration. You will most likely need to engage in in-depth negotiations with the Department of Immigration and the State governments before they will approve the venture capital arrangement you are relying on as part of your visa application.

We advise on the types of business you can invest in, the most beneficial way to structure that investment, and how to negotiate with the Minister’s office and the relevant State or Territory Government.

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