Afghan Hazara Fleeing Taliban Becomes Refugee

Publish Date: Feb 03, 2013

This is one of a series of articles dealing with issues which we have confronted in cases where this firm has acted.

In the course of our immigration law practice we acted for a father from Afghanistan who claimed refugee status in Australia because he faced persecution from the Taliban. Our client had lived in Pakistan most of his life and would have been unable to travel back to Afghanistan safely.

Members of our client’s family had been detained by the Taliban. He has been persecuted as a Shi’a Muslim and Hazara.

Taking detailed instructions from our client and compiling relevant research we managed to demonstrate that Hazaras who return to Afghanistan are at risk of persecution by the Taliban.

The Taliban target Hazaras on the roads leading to and from Jaghori, Ghazni district. The Taliban will target Hazaras whether they have been involved in political activities or not and will believe they are opposed to the Taliban purely because they are Hazara.

We also managed to convince the reviewer that Afghanistan will become increasingly unstable for Hazaras and Shi’a Muslims following the troop withdrawal in 2014 and the Taliban will continue to commit atrocities when this occurs.

The reviewer accepted that our client would be unable to relocate his family to Afghanistan due to fear from the Taliban because they are Hazara. Further, our client did not have the resources, connections or skills to re-establish himself in Afghanistan which contributed to the finding that he is a refugee.

His status as a Hazara Shi’a in Afghanistan made him a target for groups like the Taliban.

Our client’s refugee claim was accepted and he was granted a protection visa. He is one of many Shi’a Hazaras from Afghanistan who our firm has represented successfully.

We note certain details have been omitted in the above account to protect the privacy of our client.

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