Publish Date: Apr 30, 2013

Craddock Murray Neumann Immigration Lawyers were the first firm in Australia to lodge an application for a Significant Investor visa for a client outside China.

On 24 November 2012 the Significant Investor visa came into effect. In order to qualify for this visa, applicants must demonstrate that they have invested at least $5 million (that was lawfully acquired) in one or more complying investments and that they will hold those investments for four years.

This visa opens up a pathway to permanent residence for people who are over 55 years of age and/or with limited or no English language skills. Up until now these people have been excluded from qualifying for business and investment visas.

Before you can qualify for a Significant Investor visa you must lodge an Expression of Interest with the Department of Immigration and seek permission from a State government to sponsor your visa application.

You are only able to lodge a valid visa application once the State government has agreed to sponsor your visa application and the Expression of Interest is approved.

Before we lodged this application we worked closely with the various State governments and the Department of Immigration to determine what information they will require throughout the process.

We are confident that we can advise you about whether or not you will be able to qualify for a Significant Investor visa and the most appropriate way for you to apply – Remember different States have different rules about what types of applications they will sponsor and certain applicants will be better off seeking sponsorship through particular State governments.

We were then able to address all of the requirements of the New South Wales government and Department of Immigration and the client was invited to lodge a valid visa application in early December 2012, which was about 10 days after the process was formally commenced.

Our senior migration lawyers liaise regularly with the various State governments and understand what each government requires before they will sponsor an application for a Significant Investor visa.

We are also aware of what is required to satisfy the Department of Immigration that your visa application meets the prescribed criteria.

Australian immigration law, particularly refugee law, is highly technical. Applicants for Australian visas require skillful representation. Craddock Murray Neumann Immigration Lawyers have represented more than 5,000 visa applicants over the past 25 years; we have developed an extensive skill base and a talented, hard-working team, ready to assist our clients.

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