Publish Date: May 13, 2013

At the moment we are seeing considerable delays in the time it takes to grant people partner or spouse visas. These delays are occurring in application is lodged in Australia and overseas.

At the moment it is taking of the Department of Immigration about 15 months to finalise partner or spouse visa applications that were lodged in Australia.

These delays can have a big impact on the visa applicant and sponsor. Where the sponsor is in Australia and the visa applicant is overseas the delay in processing will mean that they may not be able to establish a home or start a family.

In circumstances where the visa applicant is in Australia without a substantive visa it will mean a long period where the applicant is unable to travel overseas and may be unable to work.

It is critical that you obtain advice and assistance from an expert immigration lawyer firstly on how long it will take for the application to be resolved, but also on the steps that can be taken to decrease the risk of processing being delayed unnecessarily. 

The following are a couple of strategies we use ensure that our clients’ applications get processed as quickly as possible:

  • Lodge a complete application – If absolutely all of the evidence is presented with the application it is easier for the Department of Immigration to make a decision.
  • Make sure your evidence address all of the visa criteria - It is not just a matter of putting forward a marriage certificate or rent receipts that show you have been living together for 12 months. The Department of Immigration want information about a number of aspects of your relationship. Significant processing delays can occur if you fail to address each one properly.
  • Make sure you keep the Department of Immigration informed of any material change in your circumstances - We have found that engaging with the Department throughout your visa application can assist in getting a decision sooner rather than later.

By implementing these strategies we have recently got spouse visas for clients in Australia and overseas in less than 3 months.

Our immigration lawyers prepare a significant number of spouse or partner these applications each year. We can advise you about the best strategy to take for getting one of these visas for you or your partner as quickly as possible.

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