Publish Date: May 20, 2013

An immigration lawyer can help your business get approved as a Standard Business Sponsor so it can apply to employ foreign workers on subclass 457 visas.

The process of being approved as a Standard Business Sponsor can be difficult; however, with the right advice and representation it is often possible for a business to be approved fairly quickly.

We are regularly asked to assist businesses that have lodged their own application to be approved as a Standard Business Sponsor. Often, these applications are refused because the business did not understand what it had to prove - especially in relation to the requirement to provide a certain level of training to its Australian employees.

In one instance, one of our clients had a design and manufacturing business. It conducted a number of training activities alongside its marketing activities in various locations around the world. The business – without our assistance – sought to satisfy the training requirement on the basis that the cost of undertaking these joint training and marketing activities amounted to more than 1% of its recent payroll expenditure.

The Department of Immigration had other ideas and excluded the amounts spent by the business on sending its staff to joint training and marketing activities. It did not, as it should have, apportion a percentage of the expenditure to training.

The consequence of the negative decision was that the business could not be approved as a Standard Business Sponsor for a considerable period while we argued – and won – their case in the Migration Review Tribunal. It was unable to employ skilled foreign workers on anything more than a part-time basis during that period.

Having access to skilled foreign workers can be critical to the successful operation of many businesses. If you are considering lodging an application for your business to be approved as a Standard Business Sponsor you should speak to one of our experienced immigration lawyers.

We act for small to large businesses across a range of industries and are able to provide you with clear advice firstly on whether your business can be approved as a Standard Business Sponsor or what your business has to do in order to obtain such approval; and second on the costs and benefits of becoming a Standard Business Sponsor.

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