Publish Date: May 22, 2013

We are often approached by people who want to apply for a Contributory Parent visa for one or both of their parents.

The main reason why people want to apply for a Contributory Parent visa is because, more often than not, you only have to wait about 12 months to get a decision on your application whereas you will wait more than 10 years for a decision on an application for a non-Contributory Parent visa.

The thing that shocks most people about the Contributory Parent visa are the fees and charges that must be paid before the application is granted. For a direct permanent residence Contributory Parent visa for both parents the total cost of the Visa application charges and fear it Assurance of Support is about $90,000.

Of that $90,000, about $3000 must be paid at the time you lodge the visa application with the balance paid to the Department of Immigration or Centrelink immediately before the application is finalised.

Nearly all of our clients ask us whether it is possible to pay the second Visa application charge by way of instalments. Unfortunately, the answer is no; the money must be paid as one lump sum.

One way to break up the payments is for your parents to apply for a temporary Contributory Parent visa. In this case the application fees are about $50,000. The rest of the money, i.e. about $40,000, is then deferred until a decision is made on the permanent residence Contributory Parent visa which usually takes place some two years after the temporary visa was granted.

Splitting up the payments can be attractive to people however there is a risk involved: if your parents get sick after they are granted a temporary Contributory Parent Visa their application for the permanent residence Visa could be refused on the basis that they do not satisfy the health criteria. This is very much alive issue especially where your parents are elderly or frail.

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