Immigration Law – Man viewed as Ba’hai Convert Granted Refugee Status

Publish Date: Sep 17, 2013

This is one of a series of articles dealing with issues which we have confronted in cases where this firm has acted.

Our client was a convert in Iran who was viewed by the Iranian authorities as a Ba’hai and against the government. He had been summoned by the Iranian authorities to appear in court on charges of trying to convert others to the Ba’hai faith. He had taken others to Ba’hai places of worship and took part in photographs near Ba’hai temples.

As a result of his activities he had lost his job and was issued a summons to come before the court in Iran. If he had stayed he would likely have been detained by the authorities. He had no choice but to flee and seek asylum in Australia.

Ba’hais and converts in Iran are frequently persecuted, facing harassment by the authorities and followers of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. They are viewed as apostates and non-believers in Islam.

Through collecting evidence on the treatment of Ba’hais and converts in Iran we managed to demonstrate that converts from Islam are treated with hostility by the Iranian authorities and viewed as being against the government. We also presented evidence particular to our client’s case; demonstrating that he himself was targeted by the authorities in Iran.

The reviewer accepted our argument and our client was granted refugee status.

Certain details have been omitted in order to protect our client’s privacy.

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