Chinese Christian Protestant Church Organiser Granted Refugee Status

Publish Date: Sep 19, 2013

In the course of our immigration law practice, we act for a number of applicants from China who claim refugee status in Australia because they FEAR persecution due to their protestant religious beliefs.

The following case demonstrates the types of issues we have dealt with in the context of these claims.

The applicant was a Chinese Protestant who organized a Christian underground Church. The Chinese authorities would regularly visit his house, search those present and destroy bibles and religious texts.

The authorities in China frequently target Chinese Christians and underground Churches in an effort to disrupt services and discourage practice.

He was detained by the police on several occasions and once for two weeks. During this time he was abused. When he was released he was forced to promise that he would not help organize any Christian underground church meetings or do anything against the government.

The applicant had no choice but to flee to Australia where he started to attend Church services weekly. Local religious leaders were able to provide evidence that he was a devout and practicing Christian.

The reviewer accepted that if he were to return to China he would be harmed by the authorities and the applicant was granted refugee status.

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