Immigration Law – Political Dissident from Georgia Granted Refugee Status

Publish Date: Sep 20, 2013

This is one of a series of articles dealing with issues which we have confronted in cases where this firm has acted.

Our client was a soldier in the Georgian Army, and a veteran of the 2008 South Ossetia War. He protested against the mistreatment of refugees fleeing the conflict by his fellow soldiers. As a result of his protests, he was arrested and tortured by military police. He was forced to flee Georgia, fearing for his life.

We advised and represented our client, preparing extensive submissions (based on relevant laws and country information) in his favour.

We proved the credibility of our client, citing extensive newspaper articles and demographic information about the region in support of his claims; we proved that he was telling the truth about what he had witnessed and what he had done in South Ossetia. Our arguments were accepted, and our client was determined to be a credible witness.

We argued that our client would face persecution if forced to return to Georgia, providing independent information to show that political dissenters in contemporary Georgia are vulnerable to suppression by the present regime. Our arguments were accepted; the Refugee Review Tribunal concluded that our client, upon his return to Georgia, would pose a threat to the Georgian regime, and would for that reason face risks of arrest, detention and torture.

Our client’s refugee claim was successful, and he was granted a protection visa. He is just one of the many asylum seekers from Georgia who we have successfully represented in their quest to seek protection in Australia.

Certain details have been omitted in order to protect our client’s privacy.

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