Samoan Woman Facing Violence and Poverty Granted Refugee Status

Publish Date: Sep 26, 2013

Our client was a single woman, with no family or connections to protect her in her home country of Samoa. She feared that she would receive no support from the government or from society; as a result, she faced risks of poverty, homelessness and violence if forced to return to Samoa.

We advised and represented our client, preparing extensive submissions (based on legal arguments and country information) in her favour.

We argued that her delays in applying for a protection visa were reasonable in light of her lack of knowledge of the Australian legal system; this argument was accepted.

We argued that women in Samoa, especially unmarried women, face serious risks of violence, and that the state is unable or unwilling to protect them; this argument was accepted.

We argued that our client’s lack of personal connections or social standing in Samoa would expose her to discrimination and poverty; this argument was accepted.

Our client’s refugee claim was successful, and she was granted a protection visa. She is just one of the many asylum seekers who we have successfully represented in their quest to seek protection in Australia.

Certain details have been omitted in order to protect our client’s privacy.

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