Afghan Hazara Worked for Government; Accepted as Refugee

Publish Date: Sep 30, 2013

In the course of our immigration law practice we acted for an Afghan Hazara from Jaghori whose family worked for the government and for NGOs. As a result they were targeted by the Taliban.

Our client’s brother worked for the government on various projects sponsored by foreign agencies and NGOs. His father was a salesman whose client’s ranged from the Afghan government to NGOS and international humanitarian organizations. As a result of their work for the government our client’s brother was killed by the Taliban.

After this our client began to work for the government with his father in Jaghori. They were repeatedly threatened by the Taliban and told to stop working for the Americans. Later on our client’s father went missing and he received a phone call from the Taliban threatening to kill him.

While travelling to Ghazni our client was detained and beaten by the Taliban because of his work for the government, his Hazara race and Shi’a religion. He then made the decision to flee to Australia.

Through taking detailed instructions from our client and obtaining country information we convinced the reviewer that Hazaras and Shi’as in Jaghori are targeted by the Taliban and those working for the government, NGOs or international groups face a particular risk of harm.

Our client was accepted as a refugee.

We note certain details have been omitted in the above account to protect the privacy of our client.

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