Afghan Hazara from Jaghori Converts to Atheism; Granted Refugee Status

Publish Date: Oct 02, 2013

In the course of our immigration law practice we acted for an Afghan Hazara from Jaghori who converted to atheism and faced persecution from the Taliban.

Our client was raised as a Shi’a but converted to atheism. During Taliban rule our client’s family was forced to hide from the Taliban, fearing they would be targeted as Shi’a Hazaras in Jaghori.

In Jaghori our client and his family were detained by the Taliban and assaulted on many occasions. His brother-in-law was murdered by the Taliban because he was a Shi’a Hazara. The Taliban were trying to force the Shi’as and Hazaras to leave their homes.

Over and above this, our client also feared he would be targeted by the Taliban in Jaghori as a convert and apostate.

We appealed the negative decision and took detailed instructions from our client. We submitted to the reviewer country information to show that Shi’a Hazaras are frequently targeted by the Taliban in Jaghori. Moreover, our client as an athiest convert and apostate faced an increased risk of harm from the Taliban.

Converts from Islam, whether they are Sunni or Shi’a, face ongoing persecution by the Taliban in Jaghori and throughout Afghanistan. Converts and apostates often face an increased risk of harm from the Taliban than non-Muslims within Afghanistan for their rejection of Islam.

The reviewer accepted our submissions and our client was granted refugee status.

We note certain details have been omitted in the above account to protect the privacy of our client.

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