Popularity of working holiday visas

Publish Date: Oct 09, 2013

Working holiday visas (417) are valid for 12 months from the date of first entry. Holders are permitted to travel freely to and from Australia and work is permitted for up to six months with any one employer during that period. 

Conditions of the visa also allow up to four months of training or study. Holders of this visa can apply for an additional 12 months if they have undertaken seasonal work for at least three months in certain parts of regional Australia.

The popularity of the Australian working holiday visa has substantially increased over the course of the last few years. One possible explanation for this is the lack of jobs for young people in Europe and elsewhere in recent years following the global financial crisis. These visas are aimed at young people from overseas and allow them to live, work and holiday in Australia.

A certain number of 'Work and Holiday Visas' (462) are also issued for countries not currently eligible for the working holiday visa per year. The Australian government is in ongoing reciprocal negotiations to expand the working holiday visa category so that citizens of more countries will be able to apply in the future.  

Interestingly, while the United Kingdom continues to provide the largest numbers of working holiday makers to Australia, the last financial year saw huge increase in numbers from Taiwan. South Korea is also included in the top five countries, illustrating a clear growth in working holiday visa holders from the Asian region.

Working holiday visas provide great opportunities for young people to travel and work in Australia. On the basis of the above trends, it is likely that the number of visas issued in this category will continue to increase as citizens of more countries become eligible to apply. 

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