Craddock Murray Neumann consultant participates in international conferences

Publish Date: Jan 15, 2014

Douglas McDonald, a Consultant in our firm’s Immigration division, took part in the 7th National Law School of India Review Symposium in Bangalore on 21-22 December 2013.

Douglas was a panellist in the Symposium’s third session, which discussed concerns surrounding immigration, refugee law and extradition in India and internationally. Douglas’s presentation to the conference discussed credibility assessment in refugee status determination. In particular, Douglas addressed the metrics by which decision-makers commonly conclude whether asylum-seekers are telling the truth about their claims, and emphasised the need for credibility assessment to give due regard to applicants’ cultural context and the effects of torture and trauma on asylum-seekers’ ability to present a cohesive narrative of their experiences.

Other participants in the panel included:

  • Roshni Shanker, Executive Director and Legal Advisor to the Ara Legal Initiative (India’s first refugee law centre);
  • Yamini Pande, Associate Protection Officer at the UNHCR;
  • Michael Sanderson, Lecturer at the University of Exeter and Barrister of the Inner Temple;
  • Dr Luther Rangreji, Assistant Professor at South Asian University; and
  • Bhairav Acharya, advisor to the Centre for Internet and Society and leading scholar on refugee law in India.

Douglas McDonald also took part in the National Law School of India University’s Conference on Gender and Sexuality on 30 November 2013. Attending via Skype, Douglas’s presentation addressed the particular difficulties faced by asylum seekers escaping persecution on the basis of their sexual orientation in establishing the truthfulness of their claims. Other participants in the conference included Mary E. John (Senior Fellow of the Centre for Women’s Development Studies), Arvind Narrain (co-founder of the Alternative Law Forum) and Sumit Baudh (Michael D. Palm Fellow of the Williams Institute at the University of California School of Law).

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