What information does my employer need when applying for a 457 visa?

Publish Date: Apr 28, 2015

The temporary visa for skilled workers - also known as the 457 visa - allows immigration to Australia for skilled workers to be employed by an approved business for up to four years. 

If you want to apply for this type of visa you will need a sponsor. A business can only sponsor someone for this type of visa if they cannot find an Australian to do the skilled work, unless the occupation is exempt from this requirement or where it would be.

in conflict with Australia's international trade .obligations.

There are many conditions around what type of work you are allowed to do and what happens if the work changes while you are in Australia.

Once you have found an approved business willing to hire you and support your application for a temporary visa, there are certain types of information they are going to need before the process can get underway.

Documents about your occupation and skills

Your potential sponsor will need to know you have all the right documents for an application. This will include any qualification certificates - both professional and educational - which show you have the relevant skills for the nominated position.

Some jobs will require you to have registrations, licences or professional membership, so have the relevant documents ready for your application.

If you do not hold the correct licence from an Australian registration and licencing authority, you need to show you will be able to meet the necessary requirements once you are in the country.

Certain nominated positions have minimum periods of experience that you will need to prove with references from previous employers that demonstrate the relevant skill level.

The Department of Immigration will also want to see that you meet English language requirements by holding any number of English as a foreign language test results such as IELTS, OET or TOEFL. There is an exemption if you can prove you have spent five years studying at a secondary or higher institution where the instruction was in English, or if are a passport holder from  the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand or Republic of Ireland.

Documents about your personal circumstances

Sometimes your family will be accompanying you to Australia if your application is successful. Your sponsor will need information about your personal circumstances in order to understand what they will be required to do.

Proof of identity is important and applicants will need to provide all current passports or travel documents of all people included in the application. You will also need to prove your relationship to each family member through marriage or birth certificates.

Because of the complicated nature of the immigration process, and the number of legal requirements involved, it is helpful to contact a migration lawyer.

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