How can I bring family members into Australia?

Publish Date: Sep 10, 2015

If you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident with family members living in other countries, then there may come a time when you want to bring them into Australia. 

The process to do so requires careful planning and working with experienced migration lawyers will mean you have access to expertise throughout this process.

Who can bring family into Australia?

Australian citizens and permanent residents may be able to obtain visas for certain family members to migrate into Australia and live with them. This includes sponsoring husbands, wives, de facto partners, and fiances, along with dependant children. Although there is no guarantee of approval, it is also possible to sponsor parents and adopted children.

Possible visas include the Onshore Partner Temporary Visa (Subclass 820) and Permanent Visa (subclass 801), and the Child visa (subclass 101) and Onshore Child visa (subclass 802). Speak to migration lawyers to learn about the other necessary visas.

How can I bring family into Australia?

There are several ways to bring family to Australia to live with you. You can sponsor family members under the family stream migration program or add family members to your application when you apply to live in Australia.

It is important to note that you may need to meet the character requirement if you choose to sponsor certain visa applications. Most applicants and accompanying family members will also need to meet the character requirement for the visa.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection can decide that you don't meet the character requirement, based on factors such as foreign policy interests and sanction regulations.

Visa applications may also be refused if applicants have not met the conditions of previous visas, or do not provide the necessary information to prove claims made during the application.

Is it possible to withdraw a visa application?

If you have already logged a visa application, it is still possible to withdraw it. You can advise The Department of Immigration and Border Protection in writing prior to the department making a decision about the application, using Form 1446 - Withdrawal of a visa application.

To learn more about the family immigration process, speak to a migration lawyer who will be able to provide advice surrounding the process.

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