Migration considerations for NSW

Publish Date: Nov 03, 2015

NSW is a hub of opportunity for many around the world, and as such it's not uncommon that people will want to migrate to this Australian state.

The NSW Department of Industry calls the state "Open for business", and welcomes skilled and business migrants, as well as other people from throughout Australia. Currently, it is the third-largest financial centre in the region, and accounts for 40 per cent of ICT employment in Australia.

In addition to this, people living in the state are also able to enjoy a high quality of life. Here are several migration considerations for those people considering a move to NSW.

There is a new process in place

In February 2015, NSW introduced a new process for the Skilled Nominated (190) visa. Now, there is a selection-based invitation process in place in which the state selects and invites top-ranking candidates from SkillSelect. Once invited, they're able to apply for NSW nomination.

This means that now, NSW will no longer be conducting intakes for the 190. So why was this change put into effect? Essentially, it is designed to more accurately allocate places to the required skills in the state. As usual, when the visa is granted, individuals can move to the state and begin their two-year commitment of living and working in NSW.

Regional NSW is a good option for many

While the cities certainly are expanding, and in many cases offer excellent job prospects, regional NSW is a suitable alternative for migration. The NSW Department of Industry currently estimates that around 2.6 million people live in the rural parts of the state, and there are a number of regional cities with full amenities and facilities.

In addition to this, housing affordability also makes it an attractive option.

Of course, Sydney is still a hub in the region, and a suitable option for many skilled migrants who want to begin work in the country.

Speak to a professional immigration lawyer

Navigating the hurdles of migrating to a different country can seem difficult, and the processes can also appear quite complicated. This is why it is important to seek the expert advice of immigration lawyers in NSW. These are the professionals with extensive experience in commercial, skilled and business migration.

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