How can employers sponsor migrant workers?

Publish Date: Nov 03, 2015

Australia produces many talented, highly qualified individuals thanks to a number of world-renowned universities, but there are certainly instances in which employers will want to sponsor talented staff from overseas.

This could be due to a skills shortage, a need to rapidly expand the business or even the unexpected departure of a critical staff member.

So what are the required processes for those companies seeking to bring in overseas workers? Knowing where you stand can make it far easier to bring in the workers your business needs.

Using Employer Sponsored Visas

Temporary and Permanent Visas falling under Subclasses 457, 186 and 187 are key here, and cover those overseas workers on a short or even a long term basis.

It's important to understand the differences across these Visas, as each has a different set of conditions that prospective workers will need to abide by.

Here are two of the available visas, and a look at how each operates, to give businesses an idea of the requirements and processes involved.

Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (Subclass 457)

To obtain this visa, the company sponsoring the employee must apply and then be approved as a Standard Business Sponsor. This means satisfying requirements prescribed by the Migration Act (1958).

The business must be actively and lawfully operating, meet training benchmarks and will not engage in discriminatory recruitment practices. There are also a number of other requirements that the business needs to meet.

Employer Nomination Scheme ('ENS') (Subclass 186)

Unlike the temporary visa detailed above, this is an option for applicants who want to move to Australia permanently. However, they must have been offered a permanent role in a business in Australia.

This visa can also be granted to family members, which is certainly going to be of benefit to those moving from another country.

Once granted, they're able to stay in the country indefinitely, work and study, enrol in Medicare and sponsor other eligible relatives for Australian visas.

Have you thought about your options?

There are numerous other visa options that companies can consider to sponsor migrants, and this is where it's a good idea to understand your available options.

If you're planning on bringing in staff from overseas, it could be worth engaging the services of professional and experienced immigration lawyers in NSW, as they can provide the necessary guidance throughout the process.

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