Do you need a Medical Treatment Visa?

Publish Date: Dec 02, 2015

Australia is often held in high esteem for its local medical sector, thanks largely to the sheer number of modern hospital facilities and qualified staff in a range of fields.

It's for these reasons that you or your loved ones may want to have treatment performed in Australia, as opposed to another country, but what is the best way to go about this process?

The answer lies with a Medical Treatment Visa.

What does this visa allow me to do?

If you are able to obtain a Medical Treatment Visa, then you and your family can travel to or stay in Australia and seek out medical treatment. It's not for a short amount of time either, as the visa remains valid for up to 12 months depending on the length of your treatment. However, note that this is only if you apply while you are currently within the country. If you apply for the visa while staying outside of Australia, the visa will usually only be valid for three months.

Once you have obtained the visa and arrived in the country, you will then be able to seek medical treatment.

Under this visa, you can undergo medical treatments or consultations within the country, donate or receive an organ, or accompany a patient or organ donor. You may also be eligible for this visa in certain other circumstances.

What are the requirements?

Aside from the factors noted above, one of the other requirements you will need to consider is financial. In effect, you will need to provide proof that you are actually able to fund the treatment you're seeking in Australia and are not simply using the visa to immigrate to the country. If you decide to come to Australia in order to take advantage of the medical facilities and professionals on offer, you are unlikely to be able to utilise financial benefits provided by the government.

Keep in mind that you will also be unable to apply for the visa if you already hold a visa that has what's known as a 'No further stay condition'.

Can children apply?

Children can receive medical treatment in Australia). In addition to this, the process will be subject to the consent of their parents.

Whether you need to inquire about legal matters with regards to the Medial Treatment Visa or perhaps immigration matters in a more general sense, reach out to professional lawyers in NSW with the experience necessary to guide you throughout.

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