New skills added to immigration shortlist

Publish Date: Oct 29, 2014

Earlier this year Australian immigration authorities added three new skills to the national shortlist for skilled workers.

The changes were made to the Skilled Occupations list, which details a number of different industries that are facing a serious skill shortage. The three new careers added to the list are bricklayers, chefs and tilers. 

These three join a range of other careers already included on the list. There is a considerable variation across the list, but the most common areas are in the medical, construction and engineering industries.

The main reason that these three careers have joined the list is the increase in construction work in the hospitality sector. Not only is new construction growth driving further demand for these skills, but restaurants and cafes also need skilled workers once construction is completed.

Many of the skills on the list are also in trades which are seeing low completion rates within Australia. As the number of local qualified workers reduces, there is a growing demand for skilled workers from overseas.

Over the next financial year, the government will accept as many as 43,990 individuals on skilled visas. 

Why is the Skilled Occupation List important for potential immigrants?

For overseas workers looking to move to Australia, and who are working in careers listed on the list, this list can make it much easier to acquire a visa to move to Australia.

Anyone looking to enter the country on a points-tested visa will have a much easier time in their application to enter Australia if they possess a skill on this list. This is especially relevant for those looking to enter Australia on a points-based application, such as a Family Sponsored Points Tested visa.

Even non-points visas, like those sponsored by an employer, can have an easier application process if they are for skilled work, depending on the type of visa they are applying under.

Another thing to remember for individuals looking to work in Australia is that they may need to confirm their skill set in order to be eligible for this list. There are a number of national Australian accreditation bodies that will provide an assessment to prove your competence in one of these skill areas.

For individuals looking to enter Australia in an industry with a skills shortage, it is important to talk to an immigration lawyer in Australia. They will be able to give you personalised advice on your application to work in the country, which will make the whole process run more smoothly.

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