Skilled migrants continuing to move to Australia

Publish Date: Oct 03, 2014

Places in Australia's immigration programme are continuing to favour skilled workers, according to figures from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, released in September.

The figures showed that 68 per cent of immigration into Australia is coming from skilled workers, while the other 32 per cent is coming from those moving to the country on family visas.

In the last 12 months, this has seen slightly over 128,000 workers come into Australia on a skilled migrant visa, compared to roughly 61,000 entering as a family member.

The number of workers entering the country on working visas has also been increasing considerably. While skilled workers and those on family visas were roughly equal in the late 1990s, in recent years the number of skilled workers has increased to more than two to one.

Over the next year, these numbers are expected to remain at these levels, with the total number of immigration positions remaining fixed at 190,000. While these places will remain fixed, the government has also estimated that net migration to Australia will increase the next 12 months.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection expects that skilled migrants to Australia will be evenly split between employer sponsored (38 per cent), skilled independent workers (34 per cent) and state/territory nominated (22 per cent). A further 6 per cent are expected to enter Australia on a business visa. 

By job type, the majority of skilled workers entering Australia in the last twelve months have been in the occupational professionals (63 per cent). Trades people and technicians have also been popular, taking up 22 per cent of these visas, while 9 per cent were assigned to managers.

For family visas, the vast majority will likely be assigned to partner visas over the next 12 months, with 79 per cent falling into this category. These high numbers are due to the priority that the government has placed on reuniting partners. The rest of this allocation will come from parents (14 per cent) and children (6 per cent).

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