What to now about Skilled Nominated Migration in NSW

Publish Date: Oct 20, 2014

There are various immigration options available to individuals looking to move to Australia, with many people moving to the country as skilled migrants.

While there are many different ways to undertake this process, one option which many people choose is to be nominated by a state like New South Wales. The Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa allows states and territories to nominate individuals to migrate to Australia, based on the skill shortages of each jurisdiction.

In NSW, the state government nominates 4,000 workers a year for these positions, splitting potential applicants into two intakes, with half awarded in every six month time period. The latest intake of 1,000 places close this month (October), with the next intake forecast for the first half of next year.

Applicants will need to meet a number of requirements, from both the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and the NSW government. As well as meeting the English-language and age requirements, workers will need to have skills that are sought after within NSW.

In some cases, the NSW government will limit the number of applicants with a certain skill in order to achieve a variety of workers across the 190 visa category.

Successful applicants will need to commit to living and working in NSW for two years, following the approval of a 190 visa, with this requirement forming one of the main ongoing responsibilities of those in this category.

What is the process for being nominated by the NSW government?

There are five steps to the nomination process for a 190 visa in Australia that applicants will need to progress through:

1) Submit an expression of interest with the DIBP through their SkillSelect portal.

2) Apply for nomination in NSW in time for one of the application windows.

3) Await the outcome - applications can take up to three months to be processed.

4) If your nomination is successful, apply for a 190 visa.

5) Once the visa application is successful, you can move to NSW and begin the two-year period of work within the state.

With so many different aspects to applying for a 190 visa with a NSW nomination, it is important you seek advice from a migration lawyer. They can provide more detailed information on the requirements of this process and your ongoing responsibilities as a migrant on a 190 visa.

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