DIBP launches immigration survey and discussion paper

Publish Date: Oct 23, 2014

Setting goals for Australia's immigration policy often relies on addressing the economic needs of the country, while also helping to reunite families with one another. However, the department of immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has taken a new approach, releasing an online survey to gain public input on the country's visa allocations.

The survey comes as part of the DIBP's discussion paper for the 2015-2016 immigration intake, released in October 2014, with the intention of generating a broader understanding of the public's attitude towards migration.

Among the areas the survey and discussion paper include the future size of the immigration programme and the division between family and work migration. With skilled visas overtaking family migration in recent years, the future balance of these different residency pathways is something the department is investigating through the survey. 

While the study mainly considered ways to improve the Australian immigration service, there were other areas that also featured in the study. For example, the discussion paper considers the possibility of extending the planning time for the Australian visa programme, with this also featuring in the survey.

Other major concerns include the emerging skill needs of Australia, especially in rural areas and across developing a skilled workforce that can remain competitive over coming years.

While the current policy involves setting yearly goals, the department raised the possibility of seating longer goals with fewer revisions of immigration numbers. The department even offers the possibility for removing the specific allocations that currently divide the overall allocation of visas to the country.

As well as observing the specific goals of Australia's immigration process, the discussion paper also highlighted the broader benefits that can come having a large migrant population in the country.

The report stated: "Global cities, such as Melbourne and Sydney, are hubs for the Pacific region, and inspire innovation, research, business investment and global best practice."

"Having significant numbers of migrants living and working in these hubs is necessary for Australia to achieve the benefits of a global hub."

The survey can be taken by anyone either in Australia or overseas, making it easy to contribute to the development of Australia's immigration policies.

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