What to know about sponsored work immigration

Publish Date: Nov 04, 2014

Migrants looking to move to Australia for work will need to understand a range of different criteria that will affect their immigration eligibility. The 457 visa subclass for temporary skilled migrants is just one of the categories that comes with a number of unique requirements, specifically around the sort of work that individuals can undertake within the country.

To help, here are three of the areas future migrants need to be aware of when it comes to finding work in Australia.

Your work must be in the sponsored position

As a migrant on a 457 visa, your employment in Australia will need to continue in the same position that your visa allows for.

The responsibility for ensuring that a worker is operating in the area in which they received a visa lies with an employer. Sponsoring a worker for a certain type of employment and then failing to provide work in that position can lead to legal action and may leave employers unable to sponsor future 457 visas.

Any job changes need to be approved

Sometimes, you will need to move into a new role or change employers once you have begun working in Australia. In this case, it will be necessary to lodge the details of your new job with the department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), in order to remain eligible to work in the country.

If you are changing employers, the new company will need to become your new sponsor. Failing to have your new employer become the sponsor of a 457 visa can also create substantial problems.

Breaks in employment must be reported

A break in full-time work for more than 90 consecutive days will result in the loss of a 457 visa. This means that any gaps in employment for the position you were sponsored under must be resolved within this timeframe.

If you do find yourself out of work while on a 457 visa, it is possible to find new work, but your new employer will need to become the primary sponsor of your visa within the three-month time period. You will also have the opportunity to move onto another visa class, but again your application will need to be approved within 90 days.

If you want advice on the 457 visa programme, either as an employer or an employee, it is important to contact a migration lawyer. This professional will be able to offer specialised advice, both on the specific considerations that come with this visa option and the ongoing responsibilities both parties must take on.

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