Child Visas

To provide a comprehensive range of services for clients with child visa applications, a migration adviser should have access to family law expertise.

At Craddock Murray Neumann you can access advice from Accredited Specialists in both family law and immigration law (as certified by the Law Society of New South Wales). Our lawyers will explain to you in straight-forward terms how you can bring your child (or orphaned relative) to Australia.

There is a range of visas for children to migrate to, or to remain in, Australia. The choice of visa will depend on whether the child is dependent, adopted, a stepchild or an orphaned relative, and inside or outside Australia.

Child visas

Visas for children, especially adoption cases, can be complex. The rules are very strict. Where the child has health issues, there is further complexity. The publically-available information provided on-line by the Department of Immigration does not address all the related issues.

To be eligible for a child visa, the visa applicant must be related to an Australian permanent resident or citizen, be single and not over 18 years of age. It may be possible to qualify for this visa if the parent holds a provisional spouse visa or the child is over 18 years, but the application becomes a lot harder in either case.

Adoption visas

Adoption visas are extremely complicated. Before a child is granted an Adopted Child visa the adopting parents are usually required to obtain permission for the adoption from the State authorities. The parents then have to navigate the convoluted visa requirements that vary depending on whether the child is being adopted from a Hague-Convention country, a country with which Australia has bi-lateral agreement or the adoption is privately organised.

Orphan relative visas

If the child no longer has parents to care for them, for example because they are dead or missing, he or she may be eligible for an Orphan Relative Visa. The applicant must be sponsored by an Australian permanent resident or citizen relative.

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