Bringing Other Family Members to Australia

A small number of visas are available to the siblings and more distant relatives of Australian citizens and permanent residents.

These visas include:

There are issues associated with each of these visas, such as the time it takes for the visa to be granted, the limited number of visas that are available each year relative to the number of applications that are lodged, and the nature of the evidence that needs to be provided in order to qualify for one of these visas.

Our expert immigration lawyers can advise whether any of these visas represents the best way to brin family members to Australia. We have acted in a number of these cases and can provide you with clear and detailed advice about what evidence needs to be included in the application.


Humanitarian visas aside (which are not an option for most people anyway) the remaining relative visa is the only option for you to bring your last brother, sister or adult child to Australia.

To qualify for this visa your brother, sister or adult child must prove that:

The number of remaining relative visas that are made available each year is limited. As a result you can expect to wait about 10+ years until you are granted a remaining relative visa.

Before you lodge an application for a remaining relative visa you should get advice from our expert immigration lawyers about whether your relative qualifies for this visa and whether there is a better visa available.


Carer visas allow a spouse, sibling, grand-parent, niece or nephew to come to Australia to provide care to an Australian citizen or permanent resident. It is the only family migration visa that is available to extended family members.

To qualify for a carer visa, the Australian citizen or permanent resident must:

Establishing that the sick Australian relative cannot otherwise access an appropriate level of care can be difficult, especially where the sick person has a number of children or siblings living here.

Craddock Murray Neumann Immigration can obtain supporting evidence from a number of top medical specialists in Australia – we have relationships with these specialists because we also practice in other areas of law where medical evidence is relevant (government regulations prevent us from identifying those areas of law on this website). Our ability to obtain authoritative medical opinions in support of the visa application and our expertise in migration law mean that we are able to give the best possible chance of success with the application.


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