Sports Visas

Sport visas are available to sportspeople (amateur and professional), judges and adjudicators who want to compete or train in Australia.

Sport visas are not always the most appropriate visa option for sportspeople, with business or other short-stay visas sometimes more appropriate and easier to get. Our expert immigration lawyers can advise you on which visa option is most appropriate for you.

Before applying for a sport visa, you must first secure sponsorship from an approved sport visa sponsor. Approved sport visa sponsors include government agencies and Australian organisations who administer or promote sports events in Australia.

There are a number of eligibility requirements that must be met to establish eligibility for a sports visa. The eligibility requirements are complex and vary depending on why you are coming to Australia.

Sport visas are usually subject to work restrictions that limit what you can do in Australia. It is very important that you understand these restrictions before applying for a sport visa.

Obligations are also imposed on the sponsoring organisation. Non-compliance with these obligations can result in the organisation being fined or having restrictions placed on its ability to sponsor sportspeople in the future.

Our experienced immigration lawyers are able to provide detailed advice on eligibility to apply for a sport visa and rights and obligations associated with holding a sport visa in Australia.

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