Religious Worker Visas

Religious worker visas are available to people who are satisfy the requirements of the Department of Immigration in relation to their qualifications to work in Australia as ministers, priests and spiritual leaders.

If you plan to come to Australia to work for a religious organisation but lack the necessary qualifications to satisfy the requirements for this visa, other visa options may be available to you. Our expert immigration lawyers will be able to advise you about other visa options available to religious workers and students whose qualifications are not recognised.

Before applying for a religious worker visa, you must first secure sponsorship from an eligible religious institution. There are strict rules around the types of religious organisations that can sponsor people. It is very important that you get advice about whether your organisation can sponsor you before proceeding with your visa application.

There are a series of eligibility requirements, including financial requirements and health insurance requirements that must be met to establish eligibility for a religious worker visa. If your application is approved, you will be required to meet a number of ongoing obligations whilst residing in Australia.

Our experienced immigration lawyers are able to advise on your eligibility to be granted a religious worker visa, on the requirements of your sponsoring organisations and on the rights and obligations associated with holding a religious worker visa in Australia.

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