Visiting Academic Visas

Visiting academic visas are available to professional academics to participate in research projects conducted by Australian tertiary and/or research institutions. It is usually not appropriate for academics who will receive remuneration in Australia or who will be teaching or lecturing.

To be eligible for a visiting academic visa, you must demonstrate - amongst other things – a significant record of achievement in your field. Just holding a PhD may not be sufficient.

If you do not appear to satisfy the requirements, our expert immigration lawyers can advise you of more appropriate visa options that may be open to you.

Before applying for a visiting academic visa, you must first secure sponsorship from an approved academic sponsor and be nominated by the sponsor.

Academic visas are usually subject to work restrictions that limit what you can do in Australia. It is very important that you understand these restrictions before applying for a visa.

Obligations are also imposed on the sponsoring organisation. Non-compliance with these obligations can result in the organisation being fined or having restrictions placed on its ability to sponsorship people in the future.

Our experienced immigration lawyers are able to advise on your eligibility to apply for a visiting academic visa, the obligations on the organisation in Australia sponsoring the visa holder, and the rights and obligations associated with holding this visa.

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