Entertainment Visas

Entertainment visas may be available if you work in film, television and/or live production and want to work in the Australian entertainment industry on either a paid or voluntary basis.

Before applying for an entertainment visa, you must secure sponsorship from an approved entertainment sponsor (e.g. a government agency) and with other interested parties, such as the relevant Australian unions.  

To obtain an entertainment visa the applicant must show that their placement will not jeopardise the employment of Australians working in the entertainment industry. The Department often requires considerable evidence from a range of parties.

Other eligibility criteria for an entertainment visa include financial and health insurance requirements. If your application is approved, you will be required to meet a number of continuing obligations, including taxation obligations, whilst residing in Australia.

Our experienced immigration lawyers are able to provide advice about eligibility for an entertainment visa and the rights and obligations associated with holding an entertainment visa in Australia. We are also able to negotiate with the relevant organisations to enhance the likelihood of a successful application in a timely manner.

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