Applying for Ministerial Intervention

If you have received a negative decision from the Refugee Review Tribunal (which will become part of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal after 1 July 2015), you may be able to ask the Immigration Minister to let you stay in Australia.

The Minister may consider letting you stay in Australia in certain unique or exceptional circumstances. You will also need to address numerous other matters in your request for Ministerial intervention.

The Minister has made it clear that he will only consider one request for Ministerial intervention from any applicant. This means that it is critical for an applicant to include all relevant evidence and submissions with their request for Ministerial intervention. We strongly recommend that you obtain expert advice and representation in order to maximise your chances of success in seeking Ministerial intervention, particularly as the Minister refuses these requests more often than not.

An application to the Minister might be your last – or best – option. Our experienced immigration lawyers can advise you on whether it is a good idea to lodge a request with the Minister. Beyond that, we can assist with collating and presenting evidence and in drafting expert legal submissions which explain why you should be allowed to remain in Australia. In the past we have been successful in convincing the Minister to allow people to stay in Australia where their cases contain unique and exceptional circumstances.

This page provides a summary of immigration law as at June 2015. Australian immigration law is complex and it changes frequently. We therefore recommend that you contact us if you are considering applying for Ministerial intervention, and to speak with one of our experienced Immigration Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents.

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