Negative Decision from the MRT, RRT or AAT - Going to Court

You may be able to go to the Federal Magistrates Court, the Federal Court or to the High Court of Australia if you receive a negative decision from the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT), the Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT), the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and, sometimes, the Department of Immigration.

Things you need to know about going to the Federal Court or to the High Court:

For 25 years we have helped people with their cases and have assisted with thousands of applications to the Department of Immigration and the AAT, RRT, MRT and the Federal and High Courts. Our immigration lawyers have acted in some of the most complicated Court cases to do with migration law and have the knowledge and expertise to advise you about whether you should go to Court. We won the case of NAGV v Minister for Immigration in the High Court of Australia. We have also been successful in cases before the Federal Magistrates Court, Federal Court and Full Federal Court.

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