Visa Cancellations

The Department of immigration can cancel your visa in the following circumstances:

Visa cancellation is extremely serious. If your visa is cancelled:

The Department must notify you that it is considering cancelling your visa, and it must then consider your response expired before cancelling your visa. Time limits apply - if you do not respond within the period allowed you will lose your opportunity to make submissions. You must contact one of our experienced immigration lawyers as soon as you become aware that the Department is thinking about cancelling your visa.  

If your visa has already been cancelled, you may be able to have a Tribunal or Court review the decision. Again strict time limits apply so contact us immediately for assistance. 

We know that it is critical for you to put in a comprehensive response quickly and will give your matter priority, especially where your student visa has been cancelled.

We are able to quickly prepare a detailed response that will give you the best chance of being allowed to stay in Australia, even if it is alleged that you provided false information to the Department, did not comply with the condition on your visa etc.

Recently our immigration lawyers have successfully resisted visa cancellations where our clients have provided false information to the Department and/or have committed very serious criminal offences.

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