What is Involved in Recruiting a Foreign Employee

Businesses should always get advice about the best way to recruit foreign employees. Immigration law imposes onerous obligations on employers who want to hire or sponsor foreign employees on temporary visas, and special rules in relation to unfair dismissal and taxation may also apply.

The Immigration Department closely monitors employers’ compliance with obligations attaching to the hiring of foreign workers and with general legal obligations. The Department can impose a range of penalties if they establish a breach of an obligation, such as fining the employer or banning the employer from hiring foreign workers for a period of time. Continuous compliance is essential to the ability of an employer to hire or sponsor foreign employees.

Craddock Murray Neumann has wide expertise across a range of areas of law, including immigration, business and employment law. Our clients include:

Our senior lawyers work closely with our business clients to develop, implement and maintain tailored policies and procedures that can ensure compliance with the complex rules associated with hiring or sponsoring foreign employees. We also assist clients to respond to any monitoring or enforcement activities the Department carries out.

If the Department has notified you of concerns in relation to whether your business is complying with its obligations, you should a lawyer immediately, particularly as it is likely that you will only have a few days to respond to the Department.

If you require legal advice about your obligations in recruiting a foreign employee, please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced Lawyers today.

This page provides a summary of Australian immigration law as at May 2015. Immigration law is complex and it changes frequently. We therefore recommend that you contact us to confirm current immigration law and policy, and schedule a consultation with one of our Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents.

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