Family and Independent Visas

A number of visas allow Australian citizens or permanent residents, and in some cases New Zealand citizens to bring their spouses, parents, children, siblings and other relatives to Australia.

Lengthy processing times (up to 10 years in some cases), the costs associated with the application and restrictive rules about who can come to Australia make it important to get advice about whether your family member is likely to qualify for a visa and what is involved in the visa application.

We specialise in complex spouse visa and family migration cases and are one of the only firms in New South Wales that has Accredited Specialists (as certified by the Law Society of New South Wales) in both family law and immigration law to assist you. 

Our specialist lawyers can provide you with clear advice about all of the issues related to your case to give you or your loved ones the best chance of getting a visa.

Another way your relatives can come to Australia is through General Skilled Migration. Concessions may be available to skilled migration applicants who have relatives in Australia.

Contact one of our experienced immigration lawyers for assistance with bringing family members to Australia on the basis of a relationship to an Austrian citizen or permanent resident or skills.

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